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Toledo Falls to Florida 24-6

Damn you Kirk Herbstreit.

The MAC Hater himself selected Toledo as his pick to beat Florida this morning. For awhile it seemed like the Rockets might be able to hold their own. At one point in the second quarter, the Gators led by just a score. But No. 10 Florida's defense shut the Rockets offense down, holding the team to two field goals.

A vomiting Mack Brown led Florida to victory, behind his 112 yards rushing and two touchdowns, while on the opposite side of the ball David Fluellen managed just 46 yards on the ground.

The Rockets' three-headed monster on offense struggled to get anything going. Terrance Owens managed 4.1 yards per pass, on 17-of-38 with 155 yards for a GBR rating of 17.2. Bernard Reedy managed just 108 total yards between his receiving numbers and kickoff returns.

Basically, Toledo had no match for the Gators defense. The one shining part of the Rockets game was punter Vince Penza, who managed 321 yards from his seven punts.

On the opposite side, their inexperienced defense failed to shut down a Gators offense that total yards of offense.