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2013 MAC Football Predictions From Our Readers: Northern Illinois and Ohio go undefeated

We had you vote for who would win every MAC game in the 2013 season, the results are in and it looks like we might be seeing a 2011 MAC Championship rematch in Detroit.

The Huskies are the fan favorites to win the MAC West this year.
The Huskies are the fan favorites to win the MAC West this year.

First a big thank you to you, our readers, for your participation in our second annual MAC football crowdsourced predictions. In case if you missed it, we opened up the opportunity for our readers to vote on who they thought would win every MAC game in the 2013 season. The voting is closed, and the results are in. Drum roll please...

OHIO 8-0 Northern Illinois 8-0
Bowling Green 6-2 Ball State 7-1
Kent State 4-4 Toledo 6-2
Miami 3-5 Western Michigan 4-4
Buffalo 2-6 Central Michigan 3-5
Akron 1-7 Eastern Michigan 0-8
UMass 0-8

Notes and thoughts:

  • Northern Illinois dominated. The closest anyone came to beating out the Huskies in our predictions was Toledo, who gets NIU at home on November 20. Still 72 percent of our readers think the Huskies will get the win. NIU certainly has the pieces to go undefeated in the MAC West this year. Most of a the potent offense returns, but that tough, late season road trip to the Glass Bowl could trip up the Huskies, if the Cardinals don't get them first.
  • Ohio dominated the voting for a second straight year. The closest match up for the Bobcats in our predictions was their road trip to Bowling Green on November 12. Just 56 percent of our readers predict Ohio will come away victorious in that game. It's unlikely the 'Cats can pull off an 8-0 conference record this season, but the fans seem to be on their side and they do posses one of the more favorable conference schedules in the MAC.
  • Ball State's only loss came to the Huskies, on the road. It wasn't close either, with 82 percent of the votes going towards an NIU win. The September 28 match up with Toledo was incredibly close; only 52 percent of our voters think the Cardinals can win it.
  • Toledo was the fan favorite to win the West last year, and our readers seem to like them a lot this year. Despite giving them two losses (one very close on the road) they received a lot of love.
  • Bowling Green lost at home to Ohio, and Toledo in these predictions. They Falcons barely beat out Kent State in these predictions with just 52 percent of the vote.
  • Miami, Buffalo, CMU and WMU round up the middle of the pack, as expected. Though it's interesting to note WMU received less votes to beat EMU (60 percent) than CMU (65 percent).
  • Akron's lone win came against UMass, earning 51 percent of the votes. Interestingly though, the Minutemen received more total votes than the Zips. Three games Akron received 1 percent of the vote: Ohio, Toledo and NIU. UMass's lowest total was 3 percent, against NIU.
  • EMU is just bad.

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