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Belt Loops: More Details Emerge in The Alex Abreu Story, and A Look At The Best MAC NFL Prospects

More details emerge in the Alex Abreu saga, and Mocking the Draft takes a look at the best prospects from the MAC for the 2014 NFL Draft.


Belt Loops is our roundup of Mid-American Conference news from around the wonderful world wide web.

φ More details emerge in Alex Abreu's narcotics inspired fall from grace — We all remember this curious story: On the eve of the Zips' final regular season game, in what could have been their best season ever, days before the start of the MAC Tournament, the Akron starting point guard was arrested for dishing out dimes of a different kind. Abreu later plead guilty to felony marijuana trafficking charges, but now details have come out about how the point guard got started in the narcotics dealing industry. It all began this past winter, when Abreu used financial aid money to buy weed and flip it for profit. After his local supplier ran out, Abreu hooked up with a connection from Puerto Rico who found him a supplier in California. Suddenly his mail-based marijuana distribution business was born. Then it all came crashing down. “It’s like a nightmare I still wake up from,” Abreu conceded to detectives. This is a must read.

φ The MAC's 2014 NFL Draft class won't feature a No. 1 overall pick — but that's not because of a lack of talent. Mocking The Draft's Dan Kadar (a MAC alumnus himself) broke down the MAC's draft hopes. Of course Khalil Mack tops the list. Kadar says he has the ability to go in the first round, but said it's possible the conference could produce three picks in the top 50 or so picks. Dri Archer, Bernard Reedy, David Fluellen and Roosevelt Nix round out his list of the top five prospects from the MAC. Noticeably missing from the list: Keith Wenning. Sorry Cardinals fans.

φ Jordan Lynch was pretty close to being the Huskies' entire offense last season —

φ Bowling Green's indoor practice facility is getting renovated (sorry, nothing clever to say here —

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