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Jim Tressel Rumored to be Candidate for Akron President

President Tressel? Akron is in the news for having a candidate for a position that won't be filled until the summer of 2014.

Jamie Sabau

Let's be honest: vice president of strategic engagement is not a real title.

I have a friend who works closely with Jim Tressel at Akron. He says that Tressel has been speaking at orientations this summer.  He is selling campus life, athletics, academics and the university in general to incoming freshmen. Akron has an abysmal retention rate, parlay that with a $26 million debt, and we really need them to stay.

Akron and Tressel are in the news again. After only a year at the helm of his office, strategically engaging the community, he maybe in line for a promotion to head honcho.

There were rumors, when he was first hired, that Tressel was brought on to help raise funds. Some rumors even alluded that it was for a new basketball arena--something that Zips athletics needs. There has to be possible donors out there, UA was recognized as on of the schools that gives the best return on investment in Ohio.

That article has a really random quote from Tressel in it. It's like really random.

I don't hold any special information. These are just the rumors.

If he does have friends and acquaintances that either graduated or are close to the university that he could swindle into becoming donors, then looking into the former football coach's candidacy makes perfect sense. That is an important aspect of the position. But the person who does get the job has a mountain to climb to put the university on solid financial foundation.

At any rate, a new building or renovations to the basketball arena sure can wait. The new president will have larger problems to solve.


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