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Jordan Lynch and Tyler Tettleton Named Among College Football's 'Hottest' Players

The ladies cant get enough of Jordan Lynch and Tyler Tettleton

"Jordan, can I have your number?"
"Jordan, can I have your number?"

It appears the mainstream media has figured out that not only is #MACtion fun, it's cute too. Or so the folks over at (the online face of Seventeen Magazine) have decided.

Recently did a Top 25 slideshow (you know, those things Bleacher Report has become really good at) to let their readers know who the Top 25 hottest players in college football are. You know, so you can better strategize your college football viewing by who is easiest on the eyes.

Yes, this really exists.

While stars such as A.J. McCarron (No. 1), Braxton Miller (No. 6) and Johnny Manziel (No. 10) unsurprisingly lead the list of names, two players that fans of weeknight football are more familiar with also made the cut.

Coming in at No. 22 is Northern Illinois stud quarterback Jordan Lynch, who is praised for his record breaking skills, as well as his looks and smarts.

"...he's super cute and super smart: The kinesiology major is a scholar athlete!"


If Lynch isn't quite your type, no worries. Coming in at No. 25 is Ohio senior hunk quarterback Tyler Tettleton.

"Smokin' hot Tyler is the son of former MLB player Mickey Tettleton of the Texas Rangers, and he currently holds 23 school records for his skills on the football field!"

It's nice to know that jersey chasers are giving credit to the little guys mid-major stars as well.

I'm done.