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MAC Quarterback Twitter Power Rankings

Well look what we have here, only the most important power ranking in the history of the world.

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Let's be honest: We all love power rankings. As human beings its in our nature to put things into lists, and order them in some form of a hierarchy. It makes us more comfortable, and provides us with great water cooler-banter. Here at Hustle Belt, we're no stranger to power rankings. But unlike many, we're not afraid to think outside of the box for ours.

When it comes to quarterbacks, there are several ways to compile rankings. You can look at purely stats, or wins, or physical ability. Those have all been done though, so why not do something different? Why not rank quarterbacks by the number of twitter followers they have? After all, the better the quarterback is the more followers he'll likely have right?

Lets see how well that holds up:

  1. Jordan Lynch, Northern Illinois — With just under 3,600 followers at the time of this post Jordan Lynch is the king of the MAC QB's on Twitter. He is the biggest star in the MAC and a legitimate dark horse Heisman candidate. All the national media attention has certainly boosted his follower count, because his sporadic tweeting certainly isn't responsible for it.
  2. Tyler Tettleton, Ohio — With just over 2,200 followers the Bobcat single caller comes in at No. 2 on this list. Not a bad follow, especially if you enjoy the Oklahoma City Thunder. Unlike most on this list, he's active, and doesn't retweet constantly. Probably the most social media savvy QB in the MAC.
  3. Keith Wenning, Ball State — Keith Wenning has just over 1,600 followers, good enough for third on our power rankings. He isn't the most exciting tweeter, but people seem to dig his tweets either way.
  4. Joe Licata, Buffalo — Here's our first shocker. Joe Licata has a surprising number of followers with just over 1,400. Licata is a prolific tweeter and doesn't seem to have any problems engaging in Twitter arguments. If only he was as prolific of a passer.
  5. Terrance Owens, Toledo — Coming in with just under 1,200 is Toledo pitcher quarterback Terrance Owens. The left-hander is a rather boring tweeter, usually spewing out meaningless ramble and treating his Twitter like a personal thought reservoir.
  6. Colin Reardon, Kent State — The redshirt freshman comes in rather high on this list with just under 900 followers, nto bad for a protected account. Oh, except for the whole following 700+ people thing. He's also a serial retweeter.
  7. Matt Johnson, Bowling Green — Bowling Green's new sensational QB isn't helping himself out with an obscure Twitter handle, but still pulls in a respectable 683 followers at the time of this posting. Not bad for someone who was holding a clipboard until two weeks ago. If Johnson continues to play the way he has, he's certain to see these numbers rise. Keeping being a bro Matty J.
  8. **Alex Niznak, Central Michigan — So here's the deal. Alex Niznak is no longer the starter at CMU after just one week, but the new man, Cooper Rush, is apparently Twitter-less. Since 'The Niz' was the most recent stater, he makes the list. His 650 followers at the time of this article put him just above the next guy.
  9. *Mike Wegzyn, UMass — Another asterisk here, as it appears Mike Wegzyn may lose his starting job to A.J. Doyle Saturday. Until it's officially announced, Wegzyn is still the starter. He also has nearly double the followers of Doyle. Wegz comes in just a few followers under Niznak.
  10. Tyler Benz, Eastern Michigan — Tyler Benz loses out to Wegzyn by our closest margin (2). The junior quarterback, like most on this list, isn't all that exciting, or entertaining of a follow. Though, his passion for Chicago sports cannot be ignored.
  11. Austin Boucher, Miami — Austin Boucher was hidden behind Zac Dysert for years, but that isn't the reason he has barely over 200 followers. Boucher rarely tweets, and when he does it's typically a retweet of someone else. Maybe his lack of Twitter-presence is because he's working to improve upon his numbers from last week.
  12. Tyler Van Tubbergen, Western Michigan — TVT, hidden behind a private profile, also isn't very active on Twitter. He comes in with just over 200 followers.
  13. Kyle Pohl, Akron — This is fitting considering hardly anyone knows who Akron's starting quarterback is. I couldn't even find Kyle Pohl's Twitter until a contributor sent me a link. Pohl has less than 200 followers accounting for his last place rankings.
There you have it, the MAC Quarterback Twitter Power Rankings: Your comprehensive source for which MAC quarterbacks are the best at social media.

You're welcome.

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