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Akron Trails Michigan Just 7-3 at Halftime

In what could be the most stunning development of Saturday -- not just so far, but for the entire day -- Michigan leads Akron just 7-3 as they go to halftime in Ann Arbor.  Michigan scored just 4:31 into the game on a 48-yard touchdown pass from Devin Gardner to Devin Funchess, but they've been a carnival of mistakes ever since.  Akron has gathered in three turnovers, including two interceptions of Gardner.  Two of those turnovers were inside Akron's side of the field.

Akron could actually be leading his game, but Robert Stein has missed two field goals, including one with just :05 left in the first half.

Kyle Pohl is just 9-for-22 for 82 yards and an interception, but Jawan Chisholm had eight rushes for 36 yards, while Zach D'Orazio has 38 yards on two receptions.

Akron's defense has held Fitzgerald Toussaint to just 17 yards on eight carries.