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Akron Fails On Final Play, Falls 28-24 At Michigan

Akron took a 10-7 lead in the third quarter, and Michigan responded with two quick touchdowns to go up by 11, 21-10.  It looked at that point like the Wolverines had finally awoken from their slumber.


Devin Gardner threw a pick-six to cut the Michigan lead to 21-17, then Akron scored an offensive touchdown midway through the fourth quarter to go up 24-21.  Michigan immediately responded with a touchdown of their own, and with under 4:00 to play, they led 28-24.

Akron began their final drive at their own 25.  They drove 71 yards and, with just five seconds left, faced a 4th-and-3 from the Michigan 4 yard line.  Kyle Pohl's pass was hurried and fell incomplete in the end zone as time expired, giving Michigan a victory.

Akron falls to 1-2 on the season, but if there were EVER time to celebrate a moral victory, this would be it.  Akron was expected by NOBODY to keep this game close.  But they did, giving Michigan a huge does of #MACtion that they did not expect.

We'll have a complete recap of this game later tonight here at Hustle Belt.