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WMU holding strong, only down 24-10 at the half

The Western Michigan Broncos haven't looked terrible against the powerful zone-read offense of the Northwestern Wildcats, and find themselves only down 24-10 at the half.

It could've been worse for either team, as the Bronco offense has struggled at times but has had their moments against the Wildcat defense while Northwestern has played about 2/3 of their snaps in the WMU zone.

After a clumsy first quarter by both teams, in which WMU held a 3-0 lead, both offenses woke up.

Northwestern finished the 1st half with 268 yards of offense including 181 rushing yards.  Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian have split snaps, with Colter having a huge 2nd quarter.  The senior quarterback has 77 yds on 10 carries rushing including a 2 yd TD and has gone 4-for-5 passing for 21 yards and a TD, but also has an interception on the first drive of the game.

Treyvon Green has been a monster on the ground, holding 66 yards on 12 carries.  Mike Trumpy has been no slouch either with 32 yards on 5 carries and a TD.  Christian Jones has 5 catches for 60 yards and the receiving TD.

As for the Broncos, Tyler VanTubbergen has been up and down.  He is 7-for-17 for 126 and a TD, but has a forced interception and 75 of those yards came on one long TD to freshman WR Corey Davis which gave the Broncos a 10-7 lead.

Davis has 3 catches for 101 yards and a TD as the main target.

Rushing-wise, the Broncos have had mixed success.  Dareyon Chance has 26 yds on 8 carries and TVT has 13 yards on 2 carries.  Brian Fields has another TD with his 4 rushes for 9 yards.

However, punter J Schroeder has been wildly inconsistent with 4 punts for 100 yards, but 2 punts of 12 yards.

WMU is set to receive the ball to start the 2nd half, so lets see if they can get anything going again.