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Ohio University Marching 110 know what "The Fox" says

Ho hum, just another week for the MAC's most plugged-in, in-touch marching band.

This weekend the Ohio University Marching 110 continued their pattern of jumping on the top viral music videos. Two years ago it was "Party Rock Anthem", and last fall it was "Gagnam Style".

Just two weeks after the video's release online, and two days after the song jumped into the Billboard Hot 100 at #29, the Marching 110 were on the field Saturday night, playing and dancing to the hit by Norwegian band Ylvis, "The Fox".

Also of note, it looks like the Marching 110 are now using instrument-mounted cameras in recording their halftime shows. I noticed sections of the video that appear to be shot by cameras on a snare drum, a sousaphone bell, and the hat of a mellophone player.

It's notoriously difficult to get a good audio recording of a marching band performing a halftime show, so although they don't sound that great in this video, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on that point. Personally, I'm impressed by the ability to get a brand-new song arranged, get the dance taught, and get it all on the field so quickly, in time to debut at a rivalry game!