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Matt Shoemaker made his MLB debut last night.

The Angels won 3-2 in extra innings, but a former MAC baseballer made his debut.

Matt Shoemaker makes his debut as an LA Angel
Matt Shoemaker makes his debut as an LA Angel
Chris Carlson:

After pitcher Jeff Weaver was scratched from his scheduled start, former Eastern Michigan pitcher Matt Shoemaker pitched a five-inning shutout against the Seattle Mariners.

Matt Shoemaker 5.0 2 0 0 2 5

Though he didn't get the win, he had a pretty good first day in the office. Shoemaker threw 93 pitches (60 for strikes) with 9 swings-and-misses. Cory Rasmus received the pitching 'win' after throwing one inning in the 11th, followed up by a walk-off RBI single by Chris Ianetta.

No official word as to if and when Shoemaker will make his second start as an Angel.