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Central Michigan at NC State: Halftime update

Halftime update: NC State leads 35-0

It didn't take long for the Wolfpack to take the 7-0 lead off of a Cooper Rush pick six within the first few minutes of the ball game. Actually, Cooper Rush has played very badly in this half completing eight out of his 21 passes for 87 yards.

The Central Michigan run game is actually even more ineffective. As a team, they've picked up six, yes, six yards off of 14 carries.

Though the Chips held NC State to zero offensive touchdowns in the first quarter, the Wolfpack picked up three rushing touchdowns in the second quarter. Those rushes came from Shadrach Thornton (29 yards), Matt Dayes (43 yards) and Pete Thomas (8 yards).

We've also seen a probable SC top 10 play with Rashard Smith's 43-yard punt return for a score.

Central's best play of the game has been Courtney William's 54-yard kick return. But that, however, did not translate into any points.

A couple more quick stats before the third quarter starts up, NC State has the edge in terms of total yards (243) over CMU (93). We already know that the Chips totaled 6 rushing yards so far, NC State is at 182.