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Kent State running over Western Michigan, lead 15-7 at the half

Welcome back Dri Archer, we missed you!

The dynamic do-it-all guy for the Golden Flashes has 98 yards and a 31-yard receiving touchdown on just 7 touches and has been the main difference in this game.

Archer has had some help too!

Trayion Durham has 45 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries, and Colin Reardon has 16 yards on 6 carries to go with a decent passing performance of 8-for-13 for 84 yards and touchdown.  He did throw an interception late in the half trying to get a touchdown on a deep ball.

Meanwhile, the Broncos haven't been all that bad, but haven't looked too great.

Brian Fields and Dareyon Chance have paced the Bronco rushing attack to the tune of 12 carries for 50 yards and 4 carries for 16 yards respectively with Fields getting the lone Bronco touchdown.  Tyler Van Tubbergen has been alright, throwing just 6 passes and completing 3 of them for 43 yards.

The Broncos have gone three-and-out 3 times on 7 drives, but haven't turned the ball over.  The Golden Flashes have missed a field goal, fumbled the ball on a sack-fumble by Bronco freshman Edward Rolle (which led to the Bronco touchdown), and have thrown an interception.  So in all, it looks like it could be worse for the Broncos.

Still, Roosevelt Nix and company have played tough and limited the Bronco offense.  Archer and Company are moving the ball well.  But it is still just 15-7 Kent State, so anything can happen.