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Ball St., Keith Wenning Having No Problems Putting Away Army

The Ball St. Cardinals started off slow last week against a good FCS opponent, before finishing strong. The rocky first half against FCS raised some questions about the Cardinals offensive-potency. Well today Keith Wenning and BSU are doing a pretty good job of answering those questions.

With just a little under 11 minutes left in the third quarter Ball St. currently lead 36-7, and were up 27-7 at halftime.

Army struck first, scoring on a 75-yard opening drive. Ball St. responded by rattling off 27 unanswered points in the first half. Even with Jahwan Edwards sitting out the game, Wenning and the Cardinals haven't missed a beat. Wenning has already tossed for 267 yards and two touchdowns, while Horacito Banks has filled in nicely for Edwards, rushing for two touchdowns and 48 yards on two carries.

Ball St. defense has had no problems containing duel-threat QB Angel Santiago. So far he's accumulated just under 60 total yards, no TD's and a fumble.