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Rocekts Trail Mizzou 10-3 after 1st Quarter, Defense Standing Tall

After the first 15 minutes, the Toledo Rockets find themselves behind the Missouri Tigers 10-3.

The Toledo offense has been much more potent today that they were last week: Terrance Owens is already 6 of 11 for 51 yards, and David Fluellen has rushed for 31 yards on 4 carries. The defense has been strong as well, for the most part: 2 sacks in one drive held the Tigers to a three and out in their third possession of the quarter. The one major blemish: a 51 yard pass to Levi Copelin that set up the Tigers TD.

Fluellen was given the once-over by the trainers at one point, but continues to play for the Rockets. His production will be key for Toledo's success in the 2nd.