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2014 Toledo Basketball Recruiting: Forward Kurt Hall Commits To Rockets

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kurt Hall was one of the top Chicago prep players in the class of 2014 still left on the market, that is until he committed to Toledo Wednesday according to Chicago Hoops.

The 6'6'', 200-pound small forward from North Chigaco High School committed to the Rockets, who have been focusing hard on him for some time, because of their willingness to help him success off the court as well.

"They have worked with me to make sure I qualify not just for their school, but for college period," he told College Hoops.

He is the second member of Toledo's 2014 recruiting class, joining SG "Stuckey" Mosley (who has already signed his Letter of Intent), and provides the Rockets with another option for a potential replacement for senior Rian Pearson after they picked up Mississippi State transfer Dre Applewhite. According to College Hoops, Hurt is possesses a strong and intense interior post-game and is considered a high-motor player.