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2014 Bowl Predictions: Ball State vs. Aransas State

The MAC bowl season concludes tonight, and all hope of avoiding a catastrophic outcome is pinned squarely on the shoulders of the Ball State Cardinals. Do experts think they can come through with their first-ever bowl win?

Who will get to kiss Danica tonight? Well according to predictions, likely someone from Ball State.
Who will get to kiss Danica tonight? Well according to predictions, likely someone from Ball State.
Christian Petersen

Ball State and Arkansas State are set to square off in a battle on state colleges, that aren't really the flagship state college tonight on ESPN in the 2014 Bowl. So why not take a look at what various experts are predicting for this matchup:

SB Nation - Bill Connelly of the mothership is famous for doing intensive stat based previews, like this one he did for the Bowl. They're intense, and impressive, and way over my head usually, but well worth a read. Long story short, after consulting his magic ball of college football statistics, Bill came up with his prediction: Ball State ends the MAC's 0-fer this post-season and captures its first bowl win EVER by beating Arkansas State 42-27.

Yahoo! Sports- The Yahoo! Sports college football blog, Dr. Saturday, took a look at the game, and while they predicted the Red Wolves would destroy the Cardinals in a battle of the mascots, the three contributors all have Ball State beating Arkansas State. Though, one has Danica Patrick beating both, which seems like a logical prediction, after all, all she does is win.

Athlon Sports - Our friends over at Athlon Sports, think that the Cardinals high-octane offense will prove too much for the Red Wolves, and have the Cardinals winning this game by more than two scores.

Bleacher Report - That's right, you get to sift through one of those glorious slideshows for this prediction. Who doesn't love clicking a button 37 times to get to what they came to find in the first place. Anyway, nothing original here, like everyone else in the world, BR has Ball State overpowering Arkansas State in this one.

CBS Sports - The six experts over at CBS Sports threw out their own lackluster preview and predictions for this game, and surprise, surprise, all six have the Cardinals winning this game. Though, three have Arkansas State beating the spread, which is interesting to see considering the spread is barely over one score. Basically, they seem to have a feeling that this may be closer than most are willing to consider.

Hustle Belt - That's right, we made our own bowl predictions, and like the rest of the free world we've got Ball State winning this one. However, considering our track record with the rest of the MAC blogs this season, this could turn out to be a bad jinx for Pete Lembo's boys, in which case, we want to go ahead and offer up an apology.