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Ohio Bobcats vs. Western Michigan Broncos Football Preview: Talkin' sMACk

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The Broncos look to prove Brandon's arguments right.
The Broncos look to prove Brandon's arguments right.
Michael Shroyer

Kaleb:Hey Fitzy, you know what team is really playing above their skill-level? YOUR BRONCOS. Time to take the oar and abandon your boat before Ohio lays a beat-down on them.

Brandon: You're joking right?  Sure the defense has played out of their minds, but Ohio is the team that should abandon all hope.  Seriously, you guys beat an Akron team without Kyle Pohl and suddenly you're back?  Remember those beatdowns by CMU and Bowling Green?  I do.  Oh yeah, we actually beat the Falcons.  Plus, Jarvion Franklin.  'Nuff said

Kaleb: We've got the antidote for Jarvion Franklin. Heavy doses of BOBCAT PAIN. Tarell Basham is back in the groove of things after picking up a sack and a half last week against the Zips, so Zach Terrell is probably shaking in his boots right now. Quentin Poling, Antwan Crutcher, and Ian Wells are about to say "naw-bubba-naw" to your offense. AJ Ouellette and Daz Patterson are about to slice and dice your run defense as Chase Cochran, Sebastian Smith, Landon Smith, and Troy Mangen assault you through the sky.

And honestly, the only good thing about Western is that LZ Granderson went there.

Brandon: Terrell shaking?  Have you seen this line?  They're gellin' so well lately that they might all had Dr. Scholls!  And not one of those names scares me at WR.  Especially going up against Justin Currie, Ronald Zamort, and Donald Celiscar.  Have you seen what they do to opposing pass games at Waldo?  WE SHUT TOLEDO DOWN!  No other team in the MAC can say they're good enough to hold Toledo to 10 points the first 59:59 of a game.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Kaleb: ​If Fleck can toast Celiscar, I'm not worried about our receivers doing so. Boats tend to spring leaks. You just know that this is the week it's going to happen. The Sprague train is chugging, and I've got hope. He did enough to help Ohio beat a defensive minded Akron Zips team, he'll be good to go Saturday. Shutting down Toledo with Ely? Cool story bro. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE AN OFFENSE ANYMORE. THEY'RE JUST A BUNCH OF POSERS. I am not afraid. You be afraid.

Brandon: I'm fairly confident WMU wins by double-digts.  Again, Akron without Kyle Pohl lost.  You guys still got pounded by BG and CMU, two offenses like ours with CMU being an exact replica (stud RB, stud WR named Davis, spare parts).  However, we've looked better than CMU in two recent measurable games, both in the MAC.  Usually, the transitive property sucks but when you have a solid pattern goin on, I like our odds. WMU 45, Ohio 31

Kaleb: ​I'm fairly confident that P.J. Fleck is a teenager, but we don't just run around throwing numbers out now do we? You know, unless they are relevant to the conversation and make your argument better. Wait, what am I trying to say here again? Oh, right. STAND UP AND  CHEER. Western is living beyond its means. They have the longest winning streak in the MAC along with UMass, OBVIOUSLY that cannot continue.  Also, losing to Purdue is not indicative of future successes. Shame shame. Ohio wins 29-24.