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Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - Week 12: Full Slate of True #MACtion

After back-to-back weeks of partial MACtion, we return to the full form of weeknight games mixed in with some decent Saturday games. Come test your meddle as the season is quickly winding down.

I gotta be quick today, so here's the score sheet from last week.  Congrats to td3, Josh G, rob.kull, Mark26pt2, Matt Daley, and Trufire.  All winners with perfect weeks.

Also, one note, there was a tie for the Game of the Week last week, and we went with the Akron/BG game because it pretty much all but ended the East divisional race while the Ball State/NIU game did very little in the West in the grand scheme of things.

Now, on to this week and another 2 point week for detailed picks (that means actually explaining why you made your picks ALEX)

Tuesday, November 11th

Akron @ Buffalo - As much as I'd love to take the Bulls here, Akron should roll in the Great White North.  But a better question is will anyone be watching this game because.......

Toledo @ Northern Illinois - Yep.  This game.  As much as I think the Rockets will win, I need the Huskies to win for a couple reasons.  (1) It's about the only realistic chance WMU has to make the MAC Championship in Detroit, (2) It makes the West super fun with 2 weeks left, and (3) who doesn't love a little upset?  NIU rarely loses at home, and should be dialed in for this game.  Don't let me down Huskies

Wednesday, November 12th

Ball State @ UMass - HOLY HELL THEY'RE BACK!  It seems like it's been a few weeks since we've seen the fighting Whipples, and that's because it has been a couple weeks.  But UMass is back and should put on a show against Jack Milas and the Cardinals, who just lost a heartbreaker against NIU.  Season over.

Kent State @ Bowling Green - This game is on ESPN2 only because Bowling Green will win the East if they win.  Or when they win.  Either way, BG wins the East.  Yawn

Saturday, November 15th

Miami @ Central Michigan - CMU and WMU switch opponents from two Saturdays ago and Central thumps the RedHawks behind a solid run game.  Nothing to see here

Eastern Michigan @ Western Michigan - FACT:  Four-year players on WMU's roster have not beaten Eastern Michigan, but have been to a bowl game.  That ends this weekend.  #BeatEastern

High: WMU
Low: EMU (the only way)