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Wednesday Night MACtion: You Know You Want To

If you've got hot takes or hot cakes that you'd like to share, here's the place to do so.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was a blast, so let's all have fun again. The stakes aren't as high in these games, but hey, Wednesday night football is Wednesday night football. And it's the MAC, so we can assure you that there's going to be weird football stuff going on.

The fun times of "UMass could go to Detroit" talks are long gone, but that doesn't mean they're not worth watching. Same can be said about Ball State, though those rumblings were too little too late, finding some sort of groove in the offense with Jack Milas at quarterback instead of Ozzie Mann.  Neither of 'em are going bowling this year, but they're not boring teams to watch right now either. When we start previewing Ball State football next summer and talk about their defense, this game will dictate a lot of our commentary.

A MAC-East matchup between Kent State and Bowling Green. That sounds boring. Kent State still hanging onto one, lone win while the Falcons are preparing to play in the MAC Championship game. The way the Golden Flashes played after the quarterback change last week against Toledo is enough for me to be more interested in this game than most may be. Collin Reardon will more than likely still be the starting quarterback, but good things happen when you get the ball to your receivers (see: their only win).

Enjoy the last bit of MAC football until basketball starts up on Friday, followed by a Saturday of both football AND shooty hoops! Yaaaaay sports!