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MAC Football Power Rankings: Northern Illinois is Your New #1

But Toledo's still not that far behind.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Doing tiers isn't fun any more. Let's just dive right into the stink of it all. If you need to catch up on any of the recaps, go ahead and click here for all of our MAC football coverage from this past week.

Rank Team Previous Rank
1 Northern Illinois 2
2 Western Michigan 3
3 Toledo 1
4 Bowling Green 4
5 Central Michigan 5
t6 Ohio 6
t6 UMass 9
8 Akron 8
9 Ball State 7
10 Buffalo 12
11 Miami 10
12 Kent State 13
13 Eastern Michigan 11

Of course we have some movement at the bottom. We just really like splitting hairs, what's it to you?

Northern Illinois jumped up to be our new no. 1 after beating an injury-plagued Rockets squad at home. I've said it before: Toledo will stay at the top until somebody beats them. They finally lost in conference play, to a more reliable Huskie squad than it was a few weeks ago. But that's football: you work out kinks and act like they were never bad to begin with after the fact. That's what you learn on the internet if you stay on it long enough. Just remember that Toledo lost, but they were on the road, at Northern Illinois, it was a three-point loss, and wide receiver Dwight Macon had to play quarterback for a good portion of the game. Toledo's still a very dangerous team.

Western Michigan beat up Eastern Michigan over the weekend, too. And it wasn't even because Jarvion Franklin went buck wild, either.

Wow Akron.Mass is interesting to me. They won't go bowling, but most of us have said that they're the best team with the least amount of success in the MAC. Maybe even in the nation. Albiet, they're tied for sixth in our polls with Ohio, who very well could go bowling this year.