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Tuesday #MACtion Open Chat: Ohio Has a Huge Opportunity To Pull Off an Upset Over Northern Illinois

There are four basketball games on tonight, too.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, there's a lot of MACtion on tonight. Like A LOT a lot. Let's look at tonight's agenda:

Time Game TV
6:00 Toledo @ VCU (men's basketball) ESPNU/WatchESPN
7:00 Youngstown State @ Central Michigan (men's basketball) -
7:00 UMass @ Akron (football) ESPN3
8:00 Buffalo @ Texas-Arlington (men's basketball) -
8:00 Malone @ Kent State (men's basketball)
8:00 Northern Illinois @ Ohio (football) ESPNU

Hopefully you have your logins handy for another bumpy ride of #ESPN3tion.

The Toledo shooty hoops game really caught up to me. I didn't realize it was today. That'll be a great showdown. Or at least we hope so.

UMass and Akron's football game was moved from ESPN2 to 3. For basketball fans: awesome. For everybody else: what the hell, dude? This isn't as exciting of a matchup as I thought it would've been at the beginning of the season, but you don't need hype to have a good football game. Just whiskey.

As for NIU vs. Ohio, I'm intrigued. Not predicting that it will happen, but what if Ohio did beat NIU? That'd be nuts. And that's good because it's snowing and I need some fire.

Go crazy.