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Wednesday #MACtion Open Chat: We Gon' See Some Things Tonight

There's a lot on the plate tonight, with The Battle for I-75 to decide the fate of the MAC West, and four #MACsketball games to fill in the gaps. Come chat about them with us!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night was pretty intriguing, as we finally got some basketball going. But today is the day that could decide the season for the majority of the MAC West in football. It'll be cold tonight in northern Ohio, but the #MACtion is gonna be hella sizzlin'.

We're not even gonna try to get into tiebreakers here, but Toledo basically has to play as if it's all on the line, because it totally is.

Meanwhile, Buffalo has literally been snowed in tonight, with 22,000 tons of snow at Ralph Wilson Stadium... ALONE. It got so bad that the game has been postponed until further notice. But hey, at least we got a "Frozen" joke out of it, so not all is bad.

(Admittingly, I laughed more than I should have at that.)

So where can you find the #MACtion? Why, right here of course.

Date/Time Game Where To Find It

7 p.m. Miami vs. Evansville (MBB) N/A
7 p.m. Ohio at Florida Gulf Coast (MBB) ESPN3
7 p.m. Western Michigan at Oakland (MBB) ESPN3
8 p.m. Toledo vs. Bowling Green (NCAAF) ESPN2

Remember: play nice, and keep the #MACtion spirit (aka drinks,) flowing.

Get at it, ya'll.