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MAC Football Power Rankings: Northern Illinois, Western Michigan Both #1

Brian Kersey/Getty Images

I couldn't believe it.

I come home from work to see how these ballots would turn out. And to my delight, we have a tie for first place. It's honestly pretty hard to argue against it, honestly.

Rank Team Previously
t1 Northern Illinois 1
t1 Western Michigan 2
3 Toledo 3
4 Bowling Green 4
5 Central Michigan 5
6 Ohio t6
7 Akron 8
8 Ball State 9
9 UMass t6
10 Buffalo 10
11 Miami 11
12 Eastern Michigan 13
13 Kent State 12

And what a great week to have a tie up top, ya know? They play each other this Friday, which will decide whether or not Northern Illinois will go to Detroit. The way Western Michigan has been playing and Northern Illinois with their key wins, it's hard to pick a one and two. It's not even easy to say 1a and 1b, because that's still tiered up. Just share the damn chair until Friday.

Even after losing a big one to Western Michigan at home, the Chips still don't fall below Ohio, losing a closer game to the Huskies.

Eastern Michigan and Kent State swapping is funny. Kent State didn't get to play their game this week, but Reggie Bell still went off against Ball State (even though it ended in a loss).