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Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - Week 14: The End Is Here, and Full of Turkey!

With thirteen weeks down and just the MAC Championship and bowl season left ahead of us, it's time to dive into the last week of the regular season with lots of turkey.

I'll have cumulative totals for you next week, I promise.

Last week's winner:  rob.kull

Breakdown of the scores

All my picks will have a Thanksgiving food assigned to them based on their nature.  2 pts for detailed picks

Week 14

Ohio @ Miami - DEVILED EGGS.  Yep.  Something to quickly snack on (if you're me that is) before the big meal.  Could still be good on the main course, but better as a grab-and-go.

NIU @ WMU - TURKEY.  Was there any doubt?  This is the game!  #1a vs #1b in our Power Rankings!  Every other game pales in comparison to how this game should be.

Toledo @ EMU - MASHED POTATOES.  Just like mashed taters, this game will only appeal to a certain palate.  Everyone else will dismiss it for the lack of flavor that most other games should produce.

Ball State @ BGSU - ROLLS.   Yeah, it looks good, but it's really just filling and you're missing out on some better stuff.  Still, they aren't bad.

Buffalo @ UMass - STUFFING.  It looks good, and should be good, but without Froh, this game is always in the shadow of it's turkey counterpart.

Akron @ Kent State - CRANBERRIES.  A perfect ending to a fun season of #MACtion.  Battle for the Wagon Wheel!

High: Toledo
Low: Kent State