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Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em Week 11: Are You Ready For Some #MACtion?

After a small week last week, we welcome back the return of weeknight #MACtion with a four-pack of games on national TV. Get your picks in before it's too late

It's here!  It's here!

The moment we've all been waiting for all season long is here.  Weeknight #MACtion.  Oh how we've miss thee.  There are only four games, and nothing on Saturday, but who cares?  FOOTBALL ON TUESDAY NIGHT!

First, let's get the results from last week out of the way.  Not a lot to report on.  7 points was the max total, and a few people hit it.  In fact, the total number of perfect weeks was in the 20's.  However, 7 people won the week after tiebreakers, which includes me.  Sorry you other six, but I'm gonna gloat.  GO ME!

Here are the full results from Week 10. I'm not compiling the cumulatives because it's pointless.  There wasn't enough differentials to really shuffle the rankings, so deal with it.

Now, on to Week 11!

Tuesday, November 4th

Bowling Green @ Akron - Remember when this game was supposed to decide the MAC East?  It still should, but it's not the battle between two one-loss-or-fewer teams we thought it would be.  If BG wins, they have a two game lead in the East with three to play (including hosting lowly Kent State next week).  If Akron wins, well, the floodgates open.  It opens the door for Ohio or UMass to win the East somehow, but ties the Zips and the Falcons at the top.

Toledo @ Kent State - LOL.  Really?  Toledo should roll.  I'd love for the Rockets to drop this game for WMU's sake, but it won't happen.  There's a reason this game got relegated to ESPNU.

Wednesday, November 5th

Buffalo @ Ohio - This game isn't the best, but it should be somewhat exciting.  Buffalo has a solid run game, but Ohio should win this on all-around talent.  Plus, you know, they actually have a permanent head coach.

Northern Illinois @ Ball State - I love how the Cardinals have played since Jack Milas took over at starting QB.  They are 2-1 since then, with a close loss to the now stellar looking Broncos as the lone set-back and wins over CMU and Akron.  NIU, on the other hand, has looked shaky against less than shiny opponents.  They got shelled by CMU at home, and struggled to beat Kent State, Miami, and EMU.  I'm going to catch a LOT of crap for this, but I'm going to say it anyways:  NIU is the 5th best team in the MAC West.  Yep.  And the schedule won't get any lighter this month with trips to Ohio and WMU and hosting the red-hot Rockets next week.

High: Toledo
Low: Kent State

Detailed picks are worth 2 points this week.  Don't forget to vote for the Game of the Week!