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No Saturday #MACtion? Here's Some Haiku To Pass the Time

I don't do haiku / Never had to for class / Oh well, here we go

Michael Dodge

The Bobcats are the best non-bowl eligible team in the MAC, but Akron still might go bowling before Ohio does

Frank the tank went last

Year instead of Campbell's crew

Stay optimistic.

Rob Bolden won't play this weekend, and this time it's because they have a bye week

His high school mascot

Was the Eaglets, not Eagles

So that's a fun fact

Jarvion Franklin is a freaking beast and nobody, nationally, gives a damn. I'm really hungry and want a cheeseburger

Mike Hart coaches well

PJ Fleck recruits very well

Run game very rare

Seriously, North Dakota won't be in the MAC any time soon.

Personally, Herd

Back to MACtion would be cool

Need more green unis

Tuesday and Wednesday games are fun to watch, especially since we don't need ESPN3's crumby feed to watch the games

Technology's cool

Other times, it is not cool

Yay longer contract

I say cool a lot, but I only say what I mean

Never realized

Writing haiku can be cool

Cool cool cool cool cool

If I had four of my players get in trouble with the law, I'd probably be pulling my hair out

Damn shame, honestly

Dan Enos has awesome hair

Perhaps it's glued on?

This was a weird year not having NCAA 14 for my Playstation 4. Now I'm restarting my RTG on NCAA 13's version, playing as a running back for Eastern Michigan

Don't act like you don't

Love doing worst to firsts

His name: Swag Swagston

I keep forgetting I have a fantasy team with MAC football players with other guys on this blog

McIntosh on bench

Didn't know I didn't drop

Bulls' D/ST? Shit

Basketball is starting already? Where did the time go?

Shooty hoops MACtion

The best kind of MACtion too

We are counting down

I was going to do something else to pass the time, but I'm sort of in a hurry. Also, I've never done haiku for anything before, but I figured, since I'm on break at work, I'll just have some fun

Probably awful

At writing MAC poetry

Define apathy