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Hustle Belt Predicts MAC Bowl Season

We pooled our collective minds to predict all five bowl games this year.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Raycom Camelia Bowl Boca Raton Bowl Popeye's Bahamas Bowl GoDaddy Bowl
Brown and Gold (myself)
Thomas McElgunn
Justin Kruse
Alex Alvarado
Matt Hammond
Jeremy O'Brien
Max Moore
Ben Roush
Randy Carpenter
Kaleb Carter
Zachary Liles
James Jimenez

All helmet images courtesy of
South Alabama's comes from
Helmet Project.  Yes, I am aware that most other helmets are out of date.  I do not care.

Overall pick spreads:

Potato Bowl: 10-5 Western Michigan over Air Force
Camelia Bowl: 8-7 South Alabama over Bowling Green
Boca Raton Bowl: 9-6 Northern Illinois over Marshall
Bahamas Bowl: 11-4 Western Kentucky over Central Michigan
GoDaddy Bowl: 13-2 Toledo over Arkansas State