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Boca Raton Bowl open chat

It's the most exciting bowl game on our calendars.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Northern Illinois vs. Marshall.

If there's only one bowl game that you've been waiting for, it's this one. A lot of it has to do with the fact that they're two of the best G5 teams this season. Even with arguments to refute that statement, it'll be fun. to watch.

You can catch tonight's game by tuning into ESPN, where we'll be blessed with Desmond Howard but probably be trolled by Kirk Herbstreit. Listen, it's not really a #MACtion game without Kirks being all Kirky about Northern Illinois or soemthing like that.

Our good friend Scott Salomon from State of the U (Miami Hurricanes blog) will be at FAU Stadium covering the bowl game for us. Yay Scott! Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter, especially if you have an interest in Miami athletics.

And if there's some off chance that you want to discuss some MAC shooty hoops, knock yourself out. There's some of those going on today. Some are either already finished or in progress, but we'll talk about it all if you really really want to.

Play nice, everybody.