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Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em: Championship Week Edition

It's time for the biggest game of the year, the MAC Championship. Come make your pick and see how you're doing in the cumulative totals

Gonna be quick here.  Sorry for the delay.

First up, last week's winner:  td3.

Full breakdown of the scores

Now for the cumulative totals.  Dougienix still leads the whole pack, but his lead is down to three points over Mark26pt2 and Brown and Gold (Me).  With at least 35 points coming in the next few weeks, it's still anyone's game.

Full breakdown of the cumulatives.

Now, for this week.  You'll notice, there's only one game.  Well it's the MAC Championship Game, and it's worth a whopping 10 points.  There are no more detailed picks anymore, but there still is some stuff to help with tiebreakers.


Northern Illinois 31, Bowling Green 17

I'm going with the Huskies.  BG is 0-3 against the MAC West's 2nd, 3rd, and 5th best teams.  NIU is 3-0 against those same teams, with two wins coming on the road.  The Huskies seem to find ways to win, and Bowling Green just looks off.  Maybe they were looking ahead, but the Falcons will not repeat as MAC Champions.

Now your turn.  Have fun, and don't forget the total points!