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Hustle Belt's New Year's resolutions

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, a New Year is a bit refreshing. The resolutions get overblown sometimes, but I've got nothing wrong with everybody having a day where we all say "hey, I should set some goals" outside of the whole part about everybody drinking and driving. We should be setting goals every day but you're not my mother and you can't tell me how to live my life.

Here are some of our resolutions. Then you can tell us what some of yours are.

James Jimenez:

Take more risks, make at least one new friend, and pick up a new hobby.

Kaleb Carter:

Get a bomb-ass internship and a spring job while I'm at school, and a part-time job for the coming summer. Preferably I'd like to be paid to write about sports or politics, but manual labor will likely call my name.

Ben Roush:

Just eat, like, a whole bunch of cheese.

Dave Drury:

First I want to take more chances, then I want to continue bringing #MACtion and beer reviews to all.

Pharoah Alvarado:

Save my money, spend my saved money, enjoy myself a little bit more than I used to. I want to really make Hustle Belt more important for you than breakfast. I've got a few things up my sleeve, so I hope everything goes well. If not, then I hope we had fun doing it.

But on the real: I want to beat Ocarina of Time, read more, and become a recluse.

Matt Hammond:

I am going to get to the gym far more often than I already do. I would also like to take more chances instead of being so conservative with my actions and ideas.

Jeremy O'Brien:

Keep working hard and getting better so I can play baseball at Miami-Hamilton and achieve my goal of playing in college. Work harder in classes. Have an even more awesome time working with the athletic department at Miami!

Thomas McElgunn:

Hopefully, in the upcoming year I get a double on grouse and a pheasant while hunting with my Springer Twinkle.

The Chuck:

I want desperately to care more about Miami athletics than I have the past couple of dismal years. There, I said it.

Keith Scheessele:

1. Go to a Ducks Stanley Cup Finals game. (The Ducks have more to do with this than Keith.)

2. Go to an Angels World Series game. (The Angels have more to do with this than Keith.)

3. Play more video games. (Not a joke. Have a buddy and we always talk about getting together for NES and
beers. We rarely seem to make it happen.)

4. Get back to my fighting weight. (180, I hover between 195-200)

5. Bring more attention to the developmentally disabled, the most discriminated against group in our country.

6. Get into soap making. I make candles and have for several years. Want to branch out into soaps.

7. Play more pickup ball.

8. Read a book a week.

Jesse Allen:

Not gloat too much when UMass wins the MAC Championship on their farewell tour.

Sam Neidermann:

take further steps in my aspirations of being a sportscaster by calling the rest of my school's basketball games as well as baseball hopefully. I also want to have an online podcast/radio show for my personal sports blog this year.

Mike Karpinski:

Manage my time a better throughout the semester instead of letting things pile up.

Max Moore:

Learn how to place kick and tryout for Umass so we can finally have a shot at making extra points. Seriously how freaking hard is it?? And yes I'm still not over the Vandy game... or the Miami game.