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MAC Football Championship Game: It's the Rematch We've All Been Waiting For

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It was just last year when these two programs met up in Detroit. You've heard that already though, haven't you? Well we've been telling this an many more over the past week. I'll go as far as saying that we have been the absolute best at it. If you haven't caught up with all of our coverage leading up to this game by now, you really oughta catch up on everything before everybody makes fun of you.

We've got five of us at Ford Field for the occasion. Since we're all going to be enjoying the MACtion from home, we might as well know who to follow on Twitter, right?

Alex Alvarado:

Brandon Fitzsimons:

Blake Samanas

Randy Carpenter:

Andrew Mascharka:

If you're new here, it's nice meeting you. Please leave your shoes at the door and read our community guidelines very quickly. I don't want to have to boot anybody out of the comments sections for a few poor choice of words. And for everybody else that's been a long-standing community member of ours, nice to see you again. Let's see how terrible @oracle gif treats us today.

Enjoy the game, everybody.