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PODCAST: Mid-American Hustle Episode 8: MAC All-Star Weekend

What would a MAC All-Star weekend be like? Well how does a weekend featuring a bunch of centers in a 3-point contest, and a couple professional wrestlers taking on David Letterman and Tim Allen in a celebrity basketball game sound to you?

Time to add some #MACtion to the NBA All-Star weekend.
Time to add some #MACtion to the NBA All-Star weekend.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With this weekend marking the annual NBA All-Star weekend and festivities we got to wondering, what would it be like if our beloved Mid-American Conference had an All-Star weekend of its own? So Bryan and Alex, hosts of Mid-American Hustle, along with our basketball editor Brandon Hickey each laid out their hypothetical MAC All-Star weekends.

We've got everything you could ever dream of in a MAC All-Star weekend, from Glenn "Sanity" Bryant throwing down monster dunks to Da'Shonte Riley in a 3-point shootout and Jeremy Guy running point guard for the East in a MAC Celebrity All-Star game featuring everyone from George Gervin to Jason Whitlock.

Anyway, take a listen and let us know what you'd like to see in a MAC All-Star weekend: