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MAC Baseball Week 2: How To Watch

Oh, the beauty of the first few series before in-conference play. This is my favorite time of year. This is when we get to say, "Who does my team play this weekend? What the hell school is this? Are they even division-1?" And win, lose or draw, these games mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

Tommy Hook squares to bunt.
Tommy Hook squares to bunt.
NIU Athletics

Akron (0-2)

After dropping their double-header to Winthrop, the Zips are going to look to get their first win of the year in the Duke Baseball Classic. Four games ahead of them this weekend, they already have a plan of the four starting pitchers that they will use for the weekend: John Valek III, Pat Dyer, Michael Steensen, and JT Brubaker.


Saint Louis (1-2) Fri. 7pm
LaSalle (0-3) Sat. 1pm
La Salle Sat. 6pm
Duke (2-1) Sun. 3pm

Ball State (3-1)

Whoo, a team with a winning record! Time to find out if they can keep this up and do some damage down in Florida in the Snow Bird Classic. No home teams in this little tourney bird, just a neutral site for everybody.


Wisconsin-Milwaukee (0-3) Fri. 3pm
Mississippi Valley State (0-4) Fri. 6pm
Iowa (2-1) Sat. 5:30pm
Northwestern (0-3) Sun. 10:30am

Bowling Green (1-2)

The Falcons had a good weekend of pitching against Belmont last week, posting a team 1.57 earned run average and holding them to a .171 batting average. If the Falcons can sustain the kind of offense they had in the second game they had against Belmont, then they'll be able to win a few more ball games with that kind of pitching.


Murray State (2-1) Fri. 2pm
Murray State Sat. 2pm
Murray State Sun. 1pm

Buffalo (0-0)

Okay, NOW you get to have some fun, Buffalo. And look, none of their opponents won any games leading up to this Spartan Classic, either.


Norfolk State (0-3) Fri. 10am
Villanova (0-3) Sat. 10am
Quinnipac (0-0) Sun. 10am

Central Michigan (0-4)

Oh yes, #MACtion vs. #FunBelt.

Starting off the year being swept in a 4-game series against UNLV wasn't exactly what the Chippewas had hoped for, but will look to change that against Troy this weekend.


Troy (3-1) Fri. 7pm
Troy Sat. 2pm
Troy Sat. 5:30pm
Troy Sun 11am

Eastern Michigan (1-2)

The Eagles flexed the guns a little bit last weekend against Clemson, led by reigning MAC West player of the week Lee Longo, who had four doubles to open up the season. Aaron Fitt from Baseball America said that this team is going to be a very offensive ball club this year and I couldn't agree more. Steve Weber is going to be back in the the starting rotation, scheduled to start on Saturday, moving true freshman Sterling Sharp to pitch on Sunday. Jake Andrews will keep his Friday position.

Tennessee Martin (0-4) Fri. 7pm
Tennessee Martin Sat. 4pm
Tennessee Martin Sun. 4pm

Kent State (1-2)

Running away from Arizona going 1-2 on opening weekend is nothing to be ashamed over. Plus, hyped-up Eric Lauer won MAC East pitcher of the week in his first collegiate outings. Not too shabby. This weekend, they'll be playing the the Coca-Cola Classic down in Rock HIll, S. C., facing off against both Coppin State and Winthrop University for a 4-game set.

Coppin State (0-0) Fri. 12pm
Winthrop University (2-1) Fri. 4pm
Winthrop University Sat. 4pm
Coppin State Sun. 11am

Miami (0-3)

Last weekend is a good example of why they say that players and coaches need to have "short-term memory" in baseball. I mean, who wants flashbacks of being outscored 11-to-34 for a weekend anyways?


Belmont (3-1) Fri. 5pm
Middle Tennessee State (1-3) Sat. 1pm
Lipscomb (0-4) Sun. 2pm

Northern Illinois (0-3)

Another reason why these first few weeks of the season is fun is because teams get to play in these funny-named tournaments. Like this one: the Fuddrucker's Lobo Invite. How many of us have eaten at Fuddrucker's before?


Missouri State (2-1) Fri. 1pm
New Mexico (2-2) Fri. 5pm
Missouri State Sat. 1pm
New Mexico Sun. 1pm

Ohio (1-1)

Weather shortened this Buffalo Wild Wings Battle at the Beach series to be played in just two days, butt remaining at four games. Freshman Mitch Longo had a great coming out party last weekend against Murray State, getting a hit in each of his first five at-bats. And for those of you wondering: yes, he's EMU's Lee Longo's little brother.


Liberty (1-3) Sat. 10am
UNC-Wilmington (1-2) Sat. 6pm
Liberty Sun. 10am
UNC-Wilmington Sun. 2pm

Toledo (1-2)

On the bright side, Toledo gets to avoid having to go up against LSU's Aaron Nola, the Tigers' Friday starting pitcher. Not exactly sure if that's them dodging a bullet necessarily, because southpaw Kyle Bouman is still pretty damn good. Bouman held New Orleans to just three hits in a win last week.


Texas Southern (2-3) Fri. 1pm
#8 LSU (4-0) Sat. 6pm
Virginia Tech (1-1) Sun. 11am

Western Michigan (0-3)

Some outlets have Louisville ranked as low a 20, others have them at seven. Either way, the Broncos' have their hands full this weekend.


#20 Louisville (3-1) Fri. 3pm
#20 Louisville Sat. 1pm
#20 Louisville Sun. 1pm

*Rankings per Baseball America's Top 25