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WATCH: Ohio Forward Jon Smith's Shot-Clock Beating Dunk vs. Miami

Ohio entered halftime against Miami Saturday afternoon trailing by 15. The Bobcats eventually battled back to win 82-75 but it wasn't easy. Late in the second half, the 'Cats took a 68-65 lead thanks to back-to-back 3-pointers by sharpshooter Nick Kellogg. With momentum on their side, Ohio forced a Quinten Rollins turnover at the 2:45 mark, and looked to add onto its narrow lead.

But in the pivotal moment point guard Stevie Taylor couldn't find anything. The guard circled around the paint, trying to find an open shot as the shot-clock ticked down to zero. Finally, with less than two seconds on the shot clock, Taylor flipped the ball past three RedHawk's defender to a wide open Jon Smith. The 'Cats big man took a step and launched himself into the air as the buzzer sounded, slamming it down with force over the outstretched arms of Giovanni McKnight as the crowd erupted.

McKnight was charged with a foul on the play, and Smith sank the free throw to convert his old-fasioned 3-point play and give Ohio a 71-65 lead.