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MAC Tournament 2014 Championship: Live Chat

Join the staff of Hustle Belt for some hardwood #MACtion.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

2014 MAC Tournament Championship

Keith Scheessele [9:02 PM]:

peace! congrats!

Brandon Fitzsimons [9:00 PM]:

Alright, I’m out of here. Time to party! (I.e. go to pizza hut and get dinner like a civil person)

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:57 PM]:

We’ll know in about 21 hours

Keith Scheessele [8:57 PM]:

hell yeah I’ll be down there anyway

Keith Scheessele [8:56 PM]:


Brandon Fitzsimons [8:55 PM]:

It’s very likely actually. 4th seed gets last choice, and if they play San Diego State………..

Keith Scheessele [8:54 PM]:


Brandon Fitzsimons [8:53 PM]:

Milwaukee is a stretch and everything else (Raleigh, San Antonio, St. Louis, Orlando, Spokane) is too far away

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:52 PM]:

Buffalo and San Diego are the two places we could probably put someone

Keith Scheessele [8:51 PM]:

well I mean I went to the poinsettia bowl, so if they were sent out to SD I’d go.

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:50 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele I’d assume it depends on the location. On our own dime, so if it isn’t close, probably not

Keith Scheessele [8:48 PM]:

hey I have a question for anyone who might know or is still in here, will someone from HB get to go to the dance to cover the game?

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:42 PM]:


Keith Scheessele [8:41 PM]:

@Brown and Gold haha. you got it. ill be pulling for them. SWEET 16!

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:38 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele You’re in Cali, give me this

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:38 PM]:

@Matt Daley And WMU might have tied up the UMD game with a pair of PP goals

Matt Daley [8:35 PM]:

Well, good for Fitz. :P

Keith Scheessele [8:35 PM]:

@Brown and Gold I want to be happy for you.

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:35 PM]:


Brandon Fitzsimons [8:34 PM]:

Little known fact, I fouled Tim Brennan (#20) in REC basketball

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:34 PM]:

Hayden Hoerdemann sighting. Yep, this one is over

Matt Daley [8:33 PM]:

So basically WMU kicked Toledo’s ass for 117 of 120 minutes of game time this year.

Keith Scheessele [8:33 PM]:

I think Ball State will threaten to win nine games overall next year.

Keith Scheessele [8:32 PM]:

Western Michigan. DISRESPECTFUL.

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:32 PM]:

I’d say Buffalo to CBI, and Ohio and Akron to CIT. EMU might get in if someone drops out

Thomas McElgunn [8:32 PM]:

Congratulations to Western Michigan and Bronco fans everywhere.

Matt Daley [8:31 PM]:

Welp, WMU is going to win this one. Toledo might get NIT bid…but anyone else is going to be relegated to CIT or CBI.

Keith Scheessele [8:31 PM]:

@tomherr28 I like that, I think Buffalo will be in the mix.

Keith Scheessele [8:31 PM]:

@tomherr28 That EMU SOS this year was impressive

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:30 PM]:

WMU down 2-0 to UMD. Well at least there’s basketball!

tomherr28 [8:30 PM]:

Will be hoping for the best in the postseason for all the MAC teams… but not much to inspire faith in Toledo, Ohio, Akron, even EMU this year so far. Buffalo may win one if they’re at home.

Matt Daley [8:30 PM]:

@tomherr28 Toledo and Akron might be good guesses…but I’d love to go out on a limb and say someone like NIU.

Keith Scheessele [8:29 PM]:

@tomherr28 I voted. These other guys did if they have any self respect.

tomherr28 [8:28 PM]:

which two teams are MAC tourney finalists next year? I see Toledo returning, and I guess I’ll go with Ohio as the opponent

Keith Scheessele [8:28 PM]:

oooooooooooh pretty

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:28 PM]:

WMU getting out played in Duluth right now. SOG are something like 10-0 UMD with 8 min to go in the 1st

Keith Scheessele [8:27 PM]:

@Matt Daley That double bye is asinine.

tomherr28 [8:26 PM]:

Connar Tava – all MAC first team next year. Kid has game and will get a lot of touches.

Matt Daley [8:25 PM]:

@tomherr28 They need to do away with this bye and double-bye BS

Matt Daley [8:25 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele I think that was just a typo. I THINK. But he’s generally pretty accurate with this. They’re probably on that 13-14 cut line.

tomherr28 [8:25 PM]:

you guys all vote for which tournament structure you’d prefer moving forward?

Keith Scheessele [8:25 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Hopefully the Sweet 16 in ANACRIME. Because I would go.

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:24 PM]:

If WMU gets a 14 seed, I could see the “overlook” angle coming into play and WMU making the Sweet 16. Yeah, I said it

tomherr28 [8:24 PM]:

@Matt Daley yeah I think there’s a big difference between the 3 line and 4 line, so hopefully our boys can get a 13 and a 4 matchup

Keith Scheessele [8:24 PM]:

14 I think is off. He also had EMU winning this game did he not?

Keith Scheessele [8:23 PM]:

@tomherr28 thats a good observation

Matt Daley [8:23 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele Right now, Lunardi has them as a #14. But even as a 4, they’d be facing someone like Louisville, San Diego State or Michigan State

tomherr28 [8:23 PM]:

too bad Prarie View A&M couldn’t finish the job today as an 8 seed with 11-18 record

tomherr28 [8:23 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele there have been a lot of non-1 seeds winning in the smaller conferences, which helps the cause of either of these two teams

Keith Scheessele [8:22 PM]:

if they do it’s a slap in the face, and one we won’t stand for

Keith Scheessele [8:22 PM]:

i cant see them being lower than a 13

Keith Scheessele [8:22 PM]:

@tomherr28 Yeah we discussed seeding a little earlier. Figured Toledo would be a 12, WMU a 13.

Matt Daley [8:22 PM]:

@tomherr28 I think 13 seed is good…but hard to say beyond that, because it all depends on matchup.

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:21 PM]:

@tomherr28 sounds about right. I’d go 6 point loss though

tomherr28 [8:21 PM]:

Predictions for WMU if they make the NCAA’s? I’m going with 13 seed and a 2-point first round loss.

tomherr28 [8:20 PM]:

true enough Matt. But i’m not seeing much from Toledo that makes me think there’s a run coming.

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:20 PM]:

GOAL BG – Screened shot gets past Copley and BG has a 3-0 lead with about 7 min to go in the 2nd. I’ll start packing my bags

Matt Daley [8:19 PM]:

@tomherr28 Hey, they haven’t played the last few minutes yet…

Rochester Flash [8:18 PM]:

Nice “you can’t see me” gesture.

tomherr28 [8:18 PM]:

Once again the smart money was with Line Drills!

Brandon Hickey [8:16 PM]:

Toledo’s press did not work at all. Gave up two easy layups

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:15 PM]:

I like WMU pulling the fast break out and running clock. That’s the smart move they didn’t do at Toledo (I think)

Matt Daley [8:14 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Just watch porn instead. Or food. Or food porn.

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:13 PM]:

I’d watch the Miami-SCSU game, but I’m fairly sure my computer would break.

Keith Scheessele [8:12 PM]:

@tomherr28 Hey man! Things looking good so far for us!

Keith Scheessele [8:12 PM]:

@tomherr28 Hey man! Things looking good so far for us!

tomherr28 [8:11 PM]:

Toledo just doesn’t have the motor on defense to compete with good teams.

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:10 PM]:

GOAL UMD – Horrible turnover and Cameranessi easily beats Slubowski

Matt Daley [8:09 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Or more specifically —

Matt Daley [8:08 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Yeah, well…

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:06 PM]:

@Matt Daley You and your WWE friends.

Matt Daley [8:05 PM]:

I’m probably the only one…but I wish the MAC had a player named Daniel Bryan so we could co-op the YES movement…

Brandon Fitzsimons [8:04 PM]:

@Matt Daley Maybe. But don’t forget. If the WCHA re-seeds (like the NCHC and CCHA did/do), and Anchorage wins tonight, BG gets Minnesota State probably. If Northern Michigan and Anchorage both win their series, then they get Anchorage

Keith Scheessele [8:03 PM]:

yeah bad call

Keith Scheessele [8:03 PM]:

ooooooh i dont know about that call

Keith Scheessele [8:02 PM]:

@Brown and Gold I guess that’s why she didn’t move around a lot. hahahaha.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:58 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:56 PM]:

The pump fake into contact is one of the dirtiest moves in basketball. And I mean that in the best possible way

Keith Scheessele [7:55 PM]:

@Brown and Gold haha. well said.

Keith Scheessele [7:55 PM]:

Let’s run. I want this game in the 80s

Matt Daley [7:55 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Haha…true. Think they might still be a wee bit salty about that?

Keith Scheessele [7:54 PM]:

uh oh. where you at rockets?

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:54 PM]:

@Matt Daley Ferris. Pretty much a home game for one of the best teams in the nation. But hey, old CCHA rivals and we know what happened the last time those two met in the post-season……

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:53 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele You ever see BASEketball? You know the psyche out where he puts the guy to sleep? Yeah, it’s like that

Keith Scheessele [7:53 PM]:

@Brown and Gold I know. You’re the only one I knew was still in the chat. Though I’m sure the allure of radio programming is hard to resist.

Matt Daley [7:52 PM]:

So, Fitz…who would win the prospective BGSU-Ferris game next weekend in Grand Rapids?

Matt Daley [7:51 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele It’s what happens when you stay in cleveland too long.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:50 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele Jackass

Keith Scheessele [7:50 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance Cool. Take it easy. It’s not a headache though. It’s called “having the Fitz.” It happens.

Matt Daley [7:50 PM]:

Sorry for the absence guys…had to write that wBB recap…

Keith Scheessele [7:49 PM]:

@Thomasmcelgunn Broncos up 5 under 15 left!

Thomas McElgunn [7:49 PM]:

Hi Bryan! I hope that everyone is enjoying the game. Any PJ Fleck sightings?

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:49 PM]:


Bryan M. Vance [7:48 PM]:

Heads up guys, I may be mia. Have the headache from hell. Can barely keep my eyes open.

Bryan M. Vance [7:48 PM]:

@Thomasmcelgunn Hi Tom.

Thomas McElgunn [7:47 PM]:

My wife is watching Demolition Man. How are the Rockets and the Broncos doing?

Keith Scheessele [7:46 PM]:

@Thomasmcelgunn Welcome friend.

Thomas McElgunn [7:46 PM]:

OK that too!

Keith Scheessele [7:45 PM]:

@Thomasmcelgunn What about everyone not in Cleveland?

Thomas McElgunn [7:45 PM]:

Hi to everyone in Cleveland

Keith Scheessele [7:44 PM]:

that looked like a walk

Keith Scheessele [7:43 PM]:

On TV Juice’s blue sneakers makes it look like the turbo button is being held down.

Keith Scheessele [7:41 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Yeah saw that. Uncharacteristic. Not very crafty.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:41 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance Rough game today. Craft completely butterfingered the last shot for the tie

Keith Scheessele [7:41 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Yeah I’ll be picking that upset on my bracket. Give me something to root for.

Bryan M. Vance [7:40 PM]:

Tim May, the Buckeyes beat writer, is sitting next to Hickey…apparently the guy is a big #MACtion fan. Knows his stuff too.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:38 PM]:

GOAL BG (5-on-3) – Adam Berkle with the back-hand flip-in from in front of the net and BG takes a 2-0 lead AND is back on the PP

Bryan M. Vance [7:36 PM]:


Brandon Fitzsimons [7:35 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele Without a doubt. I like WMU’s senior leadership and Toledo’s swagger. Especially at a 12/5 match-up. Those always see at least 1 upset

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:34 PM]:

Tech almost tied the game, but instead gets called for a penalty (I think)

Keith Scheessele [7:34 PM]:

@Brown and Gold I know this reeks of MAC loyalty, but I don’t think either are draws the higher seed wants.

Keith Scheessele [7:33 PM]:

@Brown and Gold I like that

Keith Scheessele [7:32 PM]:

@Rochester Flash ……sonuvabitch…….

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:32 PM]:

@Rochester Flash SHUT IT DOWN. Damn, this is where I wish we had the old format. That comment should be green

Rochester Flash [7:31 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Drink your Ovaltine.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:30 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele I say Toledo gets a 12, WMU a 13

Keith Scheessele [7:30 PM]:

So what seed does the winner of this game get?

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:30 PM]:

GOAL BG – Off the bar, and Tech’s radio guys wanted a penalty right before. 1-0 Falcons

Keith Scheessele [7:27 PM]:

@Brown and Gold haha. thanks.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:25 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele If you want to listen

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:25 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele I wish.

Keith Scheessele [7:24 PM]:

You guys drinking?

Keith Scheessele [7:24 PM]:

@Brown and Gold The generation that still listens to those will be dead in……nope just checked, they’re dead.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:23 PM]:

Found the right station now. That was…..odd

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:23 PM]:

So I’m listening to U.P. Radio trying to get the MT-BG feed. And I didn’t know radio shows (like tv shows, but on the radio) still existed. Only in the U.P.

Brandon Hickey [7:22 PM]:

@Brown and Gold just looked it up and read about it. That’s a crazy story.

Keith Scheessele [7:21 PM]:

So I used to go to Bruce Pearl’s basketball camp when I was a kid. When he was the coach at USI.

Keith Scheessele [7:20 PM]:


Brandon Fitzsimons [7:19 PM]:

And it’s everything: Grabbing rebounds, catching a bounce pass, shooting with touch

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:19 PM]:

Every time Avery touches the ball, I have a mild stroke. He’s so bad handling the rock

Matt Daley [7:18 PM]:

@Brown and Gold I didn’t say completely. Just very.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:17 PM]:

@Matt Daley AJ Avery?

Matt Daley [7:16 PM]:

Outside of Brown, WMU is a very white team.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:16 PM]:


Brandon Fitzsimons [7:15 PM]:

ESPN talking about Tucker Haymond’s recruiting story. Yeah, it’s nice, but he backed out of a commitment last fall to try to find a “better route to the NBA”. Still ended up at WMU

Keith Scheessele [7:13 PM]:

@Matt Daley Well Todd and I collectively pick all the games. I bet on some, certainly not all. To this point in the season here’s where I stand: I’m not retired, and no one is looking to break my legs.

Rochester Flash [7:13 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance They need to bring back the Easy Mac promotion.

Matt Daley [7:12 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele Oh, see, I thought YOU were putting up the money…

Keith Scheessele [7:10 PM]:

@Brown and Gold It’s the WMU fan in you.

Keith Scheessele [7:10 PM]:

We took Western +3.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:10 PM]:

Is it the WMU fan in me, or is Toledo falling all over the court trying to get fouls called?

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:09 PM]:

AJ Avery is everywhere tonight. He’s out of control sometimes, but hey, I’ll take it

Keith Scheessele [7:08 PM]:

@Matt Daley I can see the latest installment of Line Drills evaded you. It’s cool, although Todd and I read your stuff religiously. If you bet 100 bucks on every game this season we’d be up $270 bucks to this point.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:07 PM]:

Last night, DB was the Broncos’ Achilles Heel. Tonight, he’s the one keeping them in the game

Matt Daley [7:06 PM]:

@Keith M. Scheessele So how much money do we win if your pick is correct?

Bryan M. Vance [7:06 PM]:

FUN FACT: Kent State vs. BG holds the MAC Championship attendance record.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:03 PM]:

And barring something unforeseen, we WILL be there

Keith Scheessele [7:03 PM]:


Brandon Fitzsimons [7:03 PM]:

Bowling Green-Michigan Tech about to drop the puck at BG Ice Arena here in a few moments. Falcons clinch a berth to Grand Rapids next weekend with a win

Bryan M. Vance [7:02 PM]:

@Matt Daley no, like. I’ve never seen an actual 5-year-old ball like him.

Matt Daley [7:01 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance You mean he IS a 5-year old.

Matt Daley [7:01 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Ah, college relationships. I miss those.

Bryan M. Vance [7:01 PM]:

Juice Brown is like a 5 year old.

Brandon Fitzsimons [7:00 PM]:

@Matt Daley I got her an A. Unfortunately, I was emotionally attached to someone else that has a very long, complicated, messed up story I’d tell you if I was drunk enough. Hustle Belt isn’t the place though

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:59 PM]:

I like the fact the WMU bench is providing minutes right now. Keeping the starters out of foul trouble and keeping them rested.

Matt Daley [6:59 PM]:

@Brown and Gold Did you get anything out of it?

Brandon Hickey [6:58 PM]:

@Brown and Gold and HOT WMU PARTIERS takes

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:58 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance Little known fact, I was Chem Lab partners my sophomore year with one of the WMU Dance Team captains

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:57 PM]:

@Brandon Hickey I know. You should have to pay me for my HOT SPROTS TAKES

Matt Daley [6:57 PM]:

Well, Toledo is just Toledo. It’s easy to hate that.

Bryan M. Vance [6:57 PM]:

Root for the team with the best dance team. That’s how I work.

Brandon Hickey [6:56 PM]:

@Brown and Gold haha that’s awesome. The kind of inside info only you can give us

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:56 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance IT WORKDS

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:56 PM]:

@Rochester Flash Justin Drummond got only 1 game suspension for DUI

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:55 PM]:

@Brandon Hickey I’m not sold. He’s got a nice shot. But his knees are shot. He’s sat out back-to-back years with ACL tears. We’ll see though. Sorta a party animal too behind the scenes

Rochester Flash [6:55 PM]:

I don’t even have a team to root against this year. Give me a reason to hate one of these teams!

Bryan M. Vance [6:54 PM]:

Brandon Hickey [6:54 PM]:

Fitz isn’t Leo Svete supposed to be really good too? Redshirting this year but could make an impact next year.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:54 PM]:

These Toledo fans have like gold “News of the World” masks on. I’m creeped out

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:52 PM]:

AJ Avery will be a solid player next year. Needs some work on his confidence and needs to bulk up, but you can tell he’s close

Matt Daley [6:51 PM]:

I’ve had Red Robin 2 evenings in a row.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:50 PM]:

Brown is maybe mozzerella stick warm right now. Mine were half warm, half cold last night at 2 am from Checkers. Popped em in the microwave for 10 sec. Perfectly fine

Matt Daley [6:50 PM]:


Brandon Hickey [6:49 PM]:

Brown needs a big game tonight. And that’s happening. Good news for Western

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:49 PM]:

I see David Brown isn’t liquid nitrogen cold tonight so far

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:48 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance “Where were my stats? You owe me. I’ll take you out to dinner tonight”

Matt Daley [6:48 PM]:

Hey, just because I’m married doesn’t mean I can’t look. And Vance, you can wait on those girls…

Bryan M. Vance [6:48 PM]:

@Brown and Gold although we’re still waiting on stats.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:47 PM]:

@Matt Daley I get the reaction from the married guy. Nice.

Bryan M. Vance [6:47 PM]:

@Brown and Gold she is.

Matt Daley [6:47 PM]:

I repeat my desire for this to end like 115-110 or something

Bryan M. Vance [6:47 PM]:

Shayne god-damned Whittington with the hammer

Matt Daley [6:47 PM]:

They’ve got a couple of different stat girls. They’re both pleasing to the eye.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:46 PM]:

Looks like the Stat Girl is a dime. Lucky you guys

Matt Daley [6:45 PM]:

Alright, Texas Southern won you ESPN2 a-holes…switch it over!

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:45 PM]:

IT’S OVER. Ok, what have I missed?

Matt Daley [6:45 PM]:

Boothe with 2 fouls already? Hahahahaha

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:44 PM]:

You’re down 6 with 11 seconds to go. FOUL AWAY WE CAN STILL WIN

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:44 PM]:

@TheBoilersHaveReachedMyBoilingPoint Embrace the change

Sam Barloga [6:43 PM]:

This chat thing scares me

Matt Daley [6:42 PM]:

I just saw THE bryan vance on TV…well, his back anyway.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:41 PM]:

I hope the winner of this game gets put in Dayton and gets bounced on Tuesday.

Matt Daley [6:40 PM]:

I wish Prairie View would win..20-loss teams in the NCAA tourney are gold.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:40 PM]:

ESPN2: “Let’s update you on what’s going on on ESPN right now.”

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:38 PM]:

But they suck. Also, Texas Southern has a monster down low. All he does is swat stuff to next week.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:37 PM]:

And Prairie View A&M is actually in position to possibly send this to OT. You’ve gotta be kidding me

Matt Daley [6:37 PM]:

Not anymore :(

Matt Daley [6:37 PM]:

WMU is winning!

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:36 PM]:

Meanwhile in Houston……..

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:35 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance DBag probably just wanted to report injury and make it sound as serious as possible to give hope to Toledo fans. WMU hiding it really helped fuel that fire

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:34 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance Sources close to the situation say it was just a cramp

Bryan M. Vance [6:34 PM]:

Tucker Haymond is starting…heard he got hurt last night, guess DBag-autllo was wrong.

Matt Daley [6:33 PM]:

I don’t care if you watch, just update the score.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:32 PM]:

@Matt Daley I’d watch it for you, but the WCHA is lame and charges $9 per game. NCHC feeds are FREE

Matt Daley [6:30 PM]:

Fitz, you better keep me updated on the BG-Tech game.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:27 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance Thanks Obama

Matt Daley [6:26 PM]:

Can I just say that I’m uninspired to write the recap from the earlier game?

Matt Daley [6:25 PM]:

So now I won’t be able to watch on ESPN?

Bryan M. Vance [6:24 PM]:

@Brown and Gold the chat isn’t working…I’ve tried embedding stuff like we’re supposed to be able to. doesn’t work

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:23 PM]:

There’s no way this game starts on time on ESPN2. Better fire up the MACDN

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:20 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance Link doesn’t work. Just not your night so far

Bryan M. Vance [6:20 PM]:

Yeah this chat room isn’t working at all…nothing is embedding like it should. #FAIL

Bryan M. Vance [6:20 PM]:

Brandon Hickey [6:17 PM]:

haha I forgot to put on makeup

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:17 PM]:

ESPN2 is still showing SWAC Coverage anyways. BATTLE FOR A 16-SEED SO EXCITING!

Bryan M. Vance [6:16 PM]:

@Brown and Gold definitely not her. You also don’t know me well if you think I have “Game”

Bryan M. Vance [6:15 PM]:

Hickey could be on TV right now…but he’s being a coward and won’t pop up behind LoPhonso Ellis

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:13 PM]:

Also in action tonight are all 3 MAC hockey teams. All can clinch spots in their respective conference championship weekends with a win tonight

Bryan M. Vance [6:12 PM]:

Remember, we’ll be providing more in depth coverage of the tournament here

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:12 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance I thought this was the redhead. Idk. I don’t know them. You gotta spit yo game bruh

Bryan M. Vance [6:11 PM]:

@Brown and Gold wrong one….if you could find the redhead that’d be the one.

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:10 PM]:

Or she had a boyfriend. Sorry bruh

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:10 PM]:

I know. I tried to set you up with one of them, but I don’t thing she’s into beards. Or Ohio grads. One or the other

Bryan M. Vance [6:09 PM]:

I’m really bummed Akron didn’t make it to the championship…I love the media timeout entertainment they bring.

Bryan M. Vance [6:06 PM]:

SHAMELESS PLUG: Follow us on Twitter too @HustleBelt

Brandon Fitzsimons [6:04 PM]:

Yep. Akron in Cleveland was just asking for trouble. I know WMU can hang with Toledo

Bryan M. Vance [6:03 PM]:

Hickey and I are sitting courtside, directly in front of us former NBA player LaPhonso Ellis. No big deal

Bryan M. Vance [6:03 PM]:

Wait, so you’re less nervous but still scared?

Brandon Fitzsimons [5:58 PM]:

I’m less nervous about this game tonight, but that’s because it’s Toledo. I still don’t think it ends well for WMU. I hate those gut feelings

Bryan M. Vance [5:57 PM]:

Hey Fitz.

Brandon Fitzsimons [5:48 PM]:

What’s up everyone?