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2014 College Basketball Selection Sunday Open Thread

J. Meric

Just how big is March Madness, college basketball's annual unofficial national holiday? So big that it warrants it's own day devoted to nothing other than announcing a bracket. We call this day Selection Sunday, and today is said holy day.

Being the Mid-American Conference Selection Sunday is a slightly different beast for us. We only get one team into the tournament annually (since 1999 at least) and although there's an outside chance that Toledo could earn an at large bid, we all have a better chance of winning $1 Billion of Warren Buffet's money (no, really, you can win $1 Billion bucks this year if you pick a winning bracket).

This means the bulk of our postseason action takes place in the slew of other tournaments that have popped up over the decades, including the National Invitational Tournament and the College Basketball Insider's Tournament. I for one think this actually makes it more fun as Selection Sunday doesn't end for us when the NCAA Tournament bracket is released. No, our party keeps going.

The official 2014 NCAA Tournament selection show airs tonight at 6 p.m. (ET) on CBS. This is where we'll find out where WMU, winner of the MAC's automatic bid, will be seeded. Then at 8:30 p.m. on ESPNU we get to watch the NIT selection show, where Toledo has a good shot of being a high seed. From there on news will trickle in about the other tournaments all through the night and into Monday.

We'll be reacting to the news, as well as speculating on where the other schools not named WMU or Toledo may end up, in our official Selection Show Sunday open chat. You should join and let us know what you think of WMU's odds of pulling off a few upsets, and where you think the other (if any other) schools will wind up in other tournaments.