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Hustle Belt Bracket Challenge Update: Round of 64


First, a big thank you to the 273 of you who joined the Hustle Belt Bracket Challenge this year. I would talk smack about how that's 272 of you volunteering to lose, but seeing as I'm 219th out of 273 I have no room to speak, yet.

Now that we've advanced on to the round of 32 it's time to look at where we currently are, and who is one step closer to winning the grand prize, this beautiful Hustle Belt T-Shirt from our friends at



1: Some guy named Brian, with an i, and a bracket named "My Grand Bracket" with 28 out of 32.

2: A six-way tie for second, with them all correctly getting 27 of 32 picks right.

3: 18-way tie for third with those brackets having 26 picks right. After that it's a huge cluster with massive ties abound. You can view the standings for yourself here.

The question remains, can anyone knock off this mystery Brian, with an i, from his throne? Well considering he correctly got the Mercer over Duke and Stephen F. Austin over VCU games, I'm going to say no. He's obviously using a crystal ball and can't be outdone.

Let's just pray that Tennessee, Memphis, Stanford and Gonzaga get hot (all teams he picked against) and cause some wreckage in his bracket so we all have a shot.