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WATCH: Western Michigan's PJ Fleck Surprises Walk-Ons With Scholarships

Four members of the Western Michigan Broncos football team were recently surprised to learn that they have now made the transition from walk-ons to athletes under scholarship.

I don't want to detract from the video, so I won't say a ton, but this is just damn cool. I love it when coaches do stuff like this.

But let's recap:

"If you are standing, you've just got lunch for your position." This alone is enough to get a smattering of cheers and hurrahs.

Prefontaine gassers for the guys who had #3 cards. I know enough about PJ Fleck and Steve Prefontaine to know that these guys will be *ahem* thanking coach for that one.

"I'm frickin' hot today." LOLZ.

Fleck's little celebration dance is pretty awesome. I think he should do that after every touchdown and/or big defensive stop this season. But maybe minues the whistle, cause that would confuse everyone.

Fleck really loves Prefontaine apparently.

I think the most important part of this video is that, as excited as these four guys were who got the scholarships, they were still probably the least amped people in the room. It shows great team unity to be that excited for someone else's success and reward.

Congratulations to Andrew Aurand, Jason Meichtry, Alec Moulton, and Dan Quinn for putting in the work necessary to impress the coaching staff, to the point that these boys definitely earned their scholarships.