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2014 NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Is Khalil Mack Going To Slip?

We've got info on Khalil Mack and Jimmie Ward, but a few new names pop up in this weeks mock draft roundup.


Another week, another collection of draft notes and tidbits for all you MACtion lovers out there. Let's get right into it:

In his most recent mock draft, posted this past Friday (Insider required), Todd McShay has Khalil Mack going third to Jacksonville, saying:

"Jacksonville really needs a QB, but in Mack the Jags would be getting the second-best defensive player in the draft ... Mack is a tone-setter and a difference-maker, and he is versatile enough to hold up in pass coverage when asked."

Mack has visited the Jaguars in addition to the St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, and Detroit Lions so far. It's highly unlikely that he is around when Detroit picks and, in my opinion, you can add Minnesota to that list too. The Falcons' need for a pass rusher has been widely documented and if Mack is there at the number six pick, there is absolutely no way Atlanta can pass up on him.

Elsewhere in the mock draft world, however, two writers for seem to disagree with me. Bucky Brooks and Mike Huguenin slot Mack into the eighth and ninth picks, respectively. With all due respect to those two, it seems unlikely that Mack lasts that long. Every team from picks one through seven, to a certain degree, could use a defensive stalwart like Mack on their roster. Obviously things happen on draft day that are tough to explain but, for the time being, he still looks to be a top-seven pick.

McShay also mocked the second round and, like I touched on last week in regards to Kiper's column, he has Jimmie Ward going to the Baltimore Ravens in the second round.

"The Ravens could be looking to add defensive backs, and Ward, our third-ranked safety, is versatile, physical and has excellent ball skills."

A physical safety with ball skills sounds like the kind of guy the Ravens would want in their secondary, so this pick does make a lot of sense.

Speaking of the Ravens, they recently played host to another MAC product for an official visit:

Again, this is a pick that would make sense for Baltimore. The only two QB's on the roster right now are Joe Flacco and Tyrod Taylor, and they've said publicly that they're looking to add another signal caller (they were in on Brandon Weeden before he signed with Dallas).

Looking at his draft profile on, it says Wenning has "the makeup desired in a No. 3 QB" which is definitely not something to be taken lightly. It's qualities like that that separate practice squad guys from NFL roster guys. The Green Bay Packers, another team bringing him in for a workout, would obviously be a great situation that would allow him to learn an NFL offense behind Aaron Rodgers.

On the other side of the ball, Northern Illinois defensive tackle Ken Bishop met with the Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, and has a meeting scheduled with the Jaguars this week. His draft profile calls him a future rotational player on the defensive line, which is nothing to sneeze at. Although ESPN has him ranked as the 46th-best defensive tackle (Insider req'd) so maybe expecting to hear his name called is a bit of a reach.

It's also worth mentioning, as I have the last few weeks, that Jordan Lynch has a visit coming up with the Chicago Bears on April 18th, his only scheduled visit to date.