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PODCAST: Mocking the Draft With Dan Kadar

SB Nation draft expert, editor of and Akron alumnus joins the podcast to talk some NFL Draft in relation to how things are shaking out for the MAC's prospects.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On the 12 episode of Mid-American Hustle Alex has gone missing (aliens, maybe) so I hosted alone, but I was joined by NFL Draft expert Dan Kadar of

With just a few weeks to go until the 2014 NFL Draft commences, the media storm is growing. The MAC has several players who look to be locks to get drafted this season. Dan helps us break it all down and give us an inside look at things such as:

  • Just how good Khalil Mack is, and if he could in fact go No. 1 overall.
  • How Jimmie Ward has been able to slide up the boards into a possible first round draft pick.
  • Dri Archer's freakish speed, and the fact that some people think he could shock us all by going way sooner than expected.
  • Jordan Lynch's prop prospects, and the prospects of several other MAC players.

It's a slightly longer 'cast (40 minutes) but it's full of great analysis (courtesy of Dan) and lots of awkward "uhms" courtesy of me. Be sure to check out Dan's work at and follow him on Twitter @MockingTheDraft