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Announcing the 2014 Hustle Belt Tournament of Brews: Help Us Pick the Field

"Beer, it's the best damn drink in the world." -Jack Nicholson

Matthias Kern

We've long been eliminated from the NCAA Tournament (thanks Boeheim, prick), and if you're anything like me you used you bracket as fuel for a fire long ago (thanks madness). But that doesn't mean the party should stop. Sure March Madness is nearly over, but we've decided to create our own tournament: The Tournament of Beers.

Starting this weekend we'll unveil a bracket of craft beers and hold various rounds until we crown the king of the draft. Why craft beers? We're a mid-major blog, why on Earth would we drink anything else?

Just what is a craft beer you ask? Well it's a beer made by a smaller brewery not affiliated with the big boys. For those of you keeping count Bud Light, Miller, and yes, even Sam Adams, are examples of big boys. Elite Ness (Great Lakes Brewing Co.) and Firefly (Jackie O's) are examples of craft brews.

Because we know how much you all like to drink we're asking you for help with coming up with the field of beers. We're taking submissions, and we'll do the actual selection committee stuff behind the scenes later this week.

Enough blabbering, put on your beer goggles and submit your favorite craft beers here: