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Toledo's Zac Kerin Signed By the Minnesota Vikings

The former Rocket is now a Viking.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

There was a shot that Toledo's Zac Kerin could have ended the Rockets streak of five consecutive years without a player drafted, but when the 2014 NFL Draft concluded, that streak moved on to six season. It's not all bad for Kerin though, as the former All-MAC center latched on with the Minnesota Vikings almost immediately following the NFL Draft.

Kerin anchored the Rockets offensive line as the starting center, and an All-MAC performer for the past three seasons. Now in the NFL, Kerin will likely have to shift outside to a guard to find a roster spot.

As noted in the scouting report of Kerin, he's strong enough and quick enough to be an NFL guard, but his technique needs some work. First, he'll be playing a new position on the line, which already takes some adjustment, but he needs to improve hand speed. He can't get his hands in position quick enough to stick his blocks on top notch talent, which is part of the reason he struggled in the Senior Bowl and ultimately went undrafted: he's a project.

He also needs to work on his agility, especially when moving laterally, something he'll be doing much more now that he will likely not be playing center. Good news for Kerin though, his footwork is solid, and the other technique issues can be fixed with a strong offensive line coach.

If Kerin can make the move, bulk up a little more and work on holding his blocks against NFL level defensive lineman, he should be able to catch on as a backup offensive lineman.