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Beau Blankenship joins Jacksonville Jaguars

The former Ohio running back will be joining the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted free agent.

Obviously, this doesn't mean that Blankenship actually signed as a UDFA. The language out there isn't clear enough for us to confirm that he's signed with the team, but this tweet is evidence enough to say that he'll be at the rookie minicamps this weekend.

Blankenship (5'9", 206 lbs.) ran for 910 yards on 204 carries with five touchdowns in 2013. He also had 15 catches for 62 yards, ending his 3-year career at Ohio with 2,976 rushing yards (4.9 yards per carry) and 263 receiving yards (6.7 yards per reception) with 25 total scores.

Blankenship transferred from Iowa State after his freshman year in 2009 where he ran the ball four times for 11 yards.