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Bob Welch Dies at 57

57 years young and the former EMU baseball player died of a heart attack.

Bob Welch pitching for the Hurons
Bob Welch pitching for the Hurons
Eastern Michigan Athletics

Major League Baseball has announced that Bob Welch has died at the age of 57 due to a heart attack.

Robert Lynn Welch: November 3, 1956- June 10, 2014

Welch, born and raised in Detroit, and decided to play Eastern Michigan even after being drafted in the 14th round by the Chicago Cubs right out of high school in 1974. During his time at EMU, he helped the Hurons make it to the College World Series in 1975 & '76, falling to the Arizona Wildcats in the CWS Final in '76.

After his time was done in Ypsilanti, he became a first-round pick in 1978 by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Becoming an All-Star in 1980 and winning a World Series Championship in 1981 in the Dodger Blue. In 1988, Welch became an Oakland Athletic, where he would win another World Series in 1989, then becoming an All-Star and winning the American League Cy Young Award in 1990.

While Welch was with the Dodgers, he published a book titled Five O'Clock Comes Early: A Ballplayer's Battle With Alcoholism, an autobiography about his battle through alcoholism.

In 2001, Welch helped serve as the pitching coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks (led by Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson), helping them win the World Series that year. Welch also served as the pitching coach for The Netherlands in the 2006 World Baseball Classic.

Tragic developing story here, but let's end this article on a high note. Here's him in Game 2 of the 1978 World Series striking out the great Reggie Jackson:

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