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Belt Loops: Insults Are De Rigieur, Apparently

So I guess it's O.K. to just casually throw the MAC under the bus these days. Or throw a tantrum at a fast food joint.

Jamie McDonald

Well lookit, it's amazing what you find when you just Google search "Mid-American Conference" and switch to the "news" tab. Especially if you do it the day after the US gets their revenge win over Ghana.

Whether it's Bill Livingston of the Plain Dealer:

Nobody chants, "We're No. 22," except maybe for Mid-American Conference teams that crack the Top 25 in college football or basketball.

Or Pat Caputo from CBS Detroit (whoever that is):

Even if the USA gets into the elimination round, they have as much chance of winning it all as the Mid-American Conference entry does in the NCAA basketball tournament.

Seriously, What the hell did the MAC ever do to you? First of all, clearly Caputo doesn't remember Antonio Gates, or even D.J. Cooper for that matter. Every tourney win is big, and the MAC doesn't have zero.

And god forbid a team from a conference that struggles to be mainstream relevant should celebrate earning a national ranking, regardless what the number is.

They just are out to get.... wait... what's that? Oh they might have a reason?

[Akron] Tailback Bryan Green, and defensive backs Johnny Robinson and Dante Williams were charged with fourth-degree felonies for rioting at a McDonald's near campus.

Jesus. Rioting at McDonald's?!?! Over what exactly? That their fries were too salty? That they didn't get the toys they wanted in their happy meals? There is far too much juicy speculation to do here, including speculation about whether these boys will even start the season on Terry Bowden's roster.

I expect you to do exactly that in the comments.

Let's not leave out our very own commish, though, who was asked about getting financially "left behind" by the Power 5:

"The world's not going to end here. You can only build so many waterfalls in your locker rooms," said Mid-American Conference commissioner Dr. Jon Steinbrecher.

Preach on.