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Belt Loops: Yedlin Sets up Go-Ahead Goal Against Portugal

DeAndre Yedlin helped set up the United States' final goal against Portugal yesterday, which ended up being good enough to settle for a tie.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I only watched four minutes (maybe) of yesterday's World Cup game because Twitter told me that DeAndre Yedlin was getting some playing time tied 1-1 late in the game. Good for him to set up this sexual goal:

Tough loss (well, tie) by the USMNT. Good luck against Germany, ya'll.


Al Willman, managing editor for The Eastern Echo, doesn't like the new gray field at EMU because it gives him terrible flashbacks of his days working in the tire business. Because if working at Belle Tire or something like that sucked, working in a factory is way more suckyer.

I went back to school after working in the tire business – a rather unfulfilling "career." It was nothing like working in a factory, which quite a few of my friends and family have done over the years.

I will speak for myself on this, but feel free to agree or disagree with me – the whole reason I came back to school was so that I could get away from where I was and move on to something better. I don’t really want to be reminded of it for a couple of hours every Saturday.


Lastly, first baseman/catcher for the Miami RedHawks John Crummy had tweeted out some serious problems he was having, which many of us can sympathize for:

Eight minutes later:

Stand up and shout!