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Belt Loops: PJ Fleck Gets Doused With Ice Water For Charity

What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD.

David Banks

It's finally the weekend, and we're here to help you celebrate with another edition of Belt Loops. Pop in throughout the day for some quality discussion about MAC topics and non-MAC topics as well.

  • Javon McCrea signs deal with Dallas Mavericks - McCrea was one of the best players in the MAC the past few years and it was good to see him rewarded for an outstanding career. He'll have his work cut out for him to make the roster in Dallas, but at least he'll get a shot.
  • Shayne Whittington reaches deal with Indiana Pacers - McCrea wasn't the only one to get a Summer League invite, as Western Michigan's Whittington inked a deal with the Indiana Pacers. Whittington is still dealing with the aftereffects of a broken fibula but should be ready to go by the time the games roll around in early July.
  • Dan Enos, Terry Bowden on the "hot seat" - nothing like some hot seat columns to start the college football year off right. Enos I can see (maybe), but Bowden? I don't know why the writer thinks Akron will ever be Auburn.
  • ESPN, CFL reach TV deal - this is relevant because many former #MACtion starts are now playing in Canada. Now we'll get to see them on TV on a somewhat regular basis.
  • Drew Willy lights it up in first CFL start - Speaking of the CFL, Drew Willy got his first start with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Thursday night and played well, throwing four touchdowns and 308 yards in a blowout win over the Toronto Argonauts.
  • PJ Fleck gets doused with ice water - it's for charity which is pretty awesome. Also how does one get a Sperry hat? Here's the video:

Have a great Saturday folks. It's gonna be a hot one, so go get ice water dumped on you for charity.