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PODCAST: Jeremy Guy Explains What Fans Should Expect From the New Mid-American Conference Website

The MAC is debuting a new website and MAC Director of Communications Jeremy Guy dropped by to talk about what it took to get this new site up and running and explain the MAC's love of social media.

Today the Mid-American Conference unveiled its brand new website to the general public.

It's a complete redesign, with a focus on a more modern, clean design that MAC fans should find pleasing. Many features such as the scoreboard have been updated and overhauled to rival the offerings from elsewhere. Video has been given a more prominent role, with users able to click and play a video right from the front page (no opening an article/new tab required). Users won't be able to fully appreciate some of the features until the fall rolls around, it's fair to say that they are major improvements over what was there before. One feature, which plays off the Conference's love for social media, is sure to be fun once the #MACtion starts in late August.

In preparation for the site launch (which wound up going live ahead of schedule) Alex and I chatted with Jeremy Guy, the MAC's Director of Communications, about what went into designing the new site, what fans should expect, and the Conference's approach to social media.

We're currently having issues with out podcast host (their site is down) so for now this episode isn't available via our PodBean page or iTunes, but you can listen to it here.