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Belt Loops: TV, Books, Music and BBQ For the Summer

There's just too much out there right now to not make a list of the essentials

Richard Heathcote

July is upon us, which means football is heating up. While you should be soaking in all the preseason news on which of the 7 quarterbacks on your teams roster will start, there will be down time. Here's your summer media guide of 5 lists of 5 items you should be reading, watching, listening to or eating this summer when you wait for that next article on Hustle Belt:

TV Shows (Current): A list of five TV shows on this summer that you should be watching

1.  Orange is the New Black - It's kind of cheating since its on Netflix, but you should watch season 2 right now. It is amazing.

2. Wilfred - The final season might explain if it's really a guy in a dog suit or Elijah Wood is just crazy. Or it will do none of that and still be a great dark comedy of a guy in a dog suit.

3. Adventure Time - Possibly the best cartoon on TV, non-Archer Division.

4. The Leftovers - Two percent of the Earth's population disappears into thin air. If that doesn't intrigue you, I don't know what will.

5. 24 - Only 1 episode left dammit! Catch up fast!

TV shows (Past): A list of five TV shows that you should binge watch

1. Orange is the New Black - So good I put it on two lists.

2. Orphan Black - It's amazing that Tatiana Maslany plays approximately 20 billion different characters on this show

3. Game of Thrones - There's still people who don't watch GoT. Shun them until they join us.

4. Community - The little show that could just got a 6th season on Yahoo!. Yes, Yahoo!. No, I didn't know Yahoo! aired TV shows either.

5. Black Mirror - If you like the Twilight Zone, you'll love Black Mirror. Since its on DIRECTV only, you might need to use more devious means of getting the episodes (not that Hustle Belt condones that).

Books: Read these now and thank me later

1.  City of Thieves by David Benioff - A tale of two Russians during World War II trying to steal some eggs from the Germans

2. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand - Also set in World War II, it involves a man punching sharks in the nose while machine guns fire at him from overhead. Oh, its non-fiction too.

3. Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore - A story of art, love, and magic paint.

4. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Book Store by Robin Sloan - A Da Vinci Code style thriller set in a book store.

5. Machine of Death by Ryan North - A collection of short stories based around a machine that tells you how you die, but the machine has a sense of irony.

Music: Musicians/Bands that you probably never heard of

1. Vance Joy

2. Haim

3. Sleeper Agent

4. Frank Turner

5. Jenny Owen YoungsFor this and many other reasons

Eats: The five best summer foods

1. Pulled Pork

2. Smoked Brisket

3. BBQ Chicken

4. Corn on the Cob

5. Ben and Jerry's new Core flavors

And now five sports related links:

NCAA President Mark Emmert is calling for scholarships for life

The Massachusetts Minutemen grabbed a new basketball commit

The Central Michigan retail fraud case is heating up

There were a lot of football lists released with MAC players on them

Toledo Rockets Softball got itself a new head coach

So have at it Hustlers, what are you watching, reading, listening to and eating this Summer?